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West Ada, Idaho
School District

Public School libraries have many books with obscene content.  This didn't used to be an issue, but graphic and explicit obscenity has made its way into books that sit on public school shelves where unsuspecting students will stumble upon it because, unlike books' much younger cousins in the media family - movies, television programs, music, and video games - books remain unrated.   


Even elementary schools have been found to contain extremely graphic content.  To protect our children from the obscenity in public school libraries, where parents are not notified and cannot be present to help their children choose wisely, we have begun reading and rating books.  Our ratings provide page numbers and quotes.  The page numbers may vary depending on which version of the books was read and whether it was in print or digital. 


We present the evidence so that parents and schools may choose wisely, and choose to protect our vulnerable youth from the addictive stimulant, pornography.  Click on your school below to see what is in your school.  Expand the map for easier searching. 


Scroll down to see our rating system and browse our collection of rated book reports.

To join with other parents in West Ada please view this website and email:

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