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National Teams

Maximize the below map (click on the icon in the upper right hand corner) to see the most current list of organizations, along with the contact information.  They can help you find and challenge inappropriate books.

Customized RATEDbooks Search Pages

Do you want a customized RATEDbooks search page for your state, school or district? 

RATEDbooks HomePage

  • Customized Heading

  • Link to Ratings Description

  • Choose to include any or all of our 150+ books in our database

  • Tinyurl to the site

  • Search books by keyword

  • Filter by ratings

  • Sort alphabetically and by newest

  • Link to up to 5 specific documents or sites.

  • 2 Custom text areas

  • With or without headers from

  • Information Form

$75 District Map

  • Embed and/or link to a customized Google My Maps book location tool

  • Click on a school and see a list of rated books with links to the book report

  • District must be searchable by district in Follett.

  • Sample

District Map Do-it-Yourself

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