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Utah Locations

The below map presents books rated 4 & 5 that are currently in Utah schools.  Best viewed on a desktop, click on the legend to see the list of books, and then click on the specific book to get information on the book and where we've found it in our most recent searches.  Per the Sensitive Materials law, these books should NOT BE ON SCHOOL GROUNDS.  Over 72 titles have already been removed in some Utah schools for containing sensitive materials, but they are still available in other Utah school districts.  Students should be able to read freely without unwittingly being associated by sexual content.

Scroll further below to link to specific school district pages, maps and other information on the bright line rule.

Individual School Districts'
Google Maps 

Click on the district below to see a list of books in that school.  Click on the link underneath the book to read excerpts from that book. Please verify the books are still in your school, as the maps may be outdated.

The below video will show you how to search your school district.

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