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Cache School District

How to Submit a Reconsideration Request

  • Challenges can be made by a parent, a student, or an administrator.

  • The Request for Reconsideration Form is submitted to the school's library media professional.

  • Challenged books remain in use during the challenge process.

  • The review committee determines the amount of time needed for the review process, but it can be no longer than 60 days.

  • A student may be on the review committee, if appropriate...

  • Parent has an option to attend & present reasons for the challenge.

  • The same material cannot be challenged at the same school for at least 3 years.

  • "A school may limit the number of challenges by a single individual, if the challenges are of a similar nature with a similar resolution."

  • Appeals go to the district level, the "decision will only apply to the library media center from which the challenge originate"

The below books below were all found to be in Tooele School District in July 2023. 

You can verify book locations by searching Follett.  Watch this video to teach you how to search your school. 

Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 7.27.23 AM.png
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