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  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group; Reprint edition (May 8, 2007)
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  • pp. 84-85. "Nor do they know that she will give him her body sparingly and partially. He must enter her surreptitiously, lifting the hem of her nightgown only to her navel. He must rest his weight on his elbows when they make love, ostensibly to avoid hurting her breasts but actually to keep her from having to touch or feel too much of him. While he moves inside her,...that she will remain dry between her legs--she hates the clucking sound they make when she is moist. When she senses some spasm about to grip him, she will make rapidmovements with her hips, press her fingernails into his back, suck in her breath, and pretend she is having an orgasm. She might wonder again, for the six hundredth time, what it would be like to have that feeling while her husband's penis is inside her....When he withdraws, she pulls her nightgown down, slips out of the bed and into the bathroom with relief. pp 130-131 Then he will lean his head down and bit my tit...I want him to put his hand between my legs..He does, and I be and wet where his fingers are strong and hard...He puts his thing in my. In me. In me. I wrap my feet around his back so he can't get away. Now I be strong enough, pretty enough, and young enough to let him make me come. Then I feel like I'm laughing between my legs, and the laughing gets all mixed up with the colors, and I'm afraid I'll come, and afraid I won't. p 147 When he got his hand in her bloomers, she suddenly stopped laughing and looked serious...Darlene released his head, shifter her body, and pull down her pants. After some trouble with the buttons, Cholly dropped his pants down to his knees. Their bodies began to make sense to him, and it was not as difficult as he had thought it would be. She maned a little, but the excitement collecting inside him made him close his eyes and regard her maons as no more than pine sighs over his head. Just as he felt an explosion threaten, Darlene froze and cried out. pp 162-163 The confused mixture of his memories of Pauline and the doing of a wild and forbidden thing excited him, and a bolt of desire ran down his genitals, giving it length, and softening the lips of his anus. Surrounding all of this lust was a border of ploiteness. He wanted to fuck her --tenderly. The but thenderness would not hold. The tightness of her vagina was more than he could bear...Removing himself from her was so painful to him he cut it short and snatched his genitals out of the dray harbor of her vagina. So when the child regained consciousness, she was lying on the kitchen floor under a heavy quilt, trying to connect the pain between her legs with the face of her mother looming over her. p. 166. He could have been an active homosexual but lacked the courage. Bestiality did not occur to him, and sodomy was quite out of the question, for he did no experience sustained erections and could not endure the thought of somebody else's. And besides, the one thing that disgusted him more than entering and caressing a woman was caressing and being caressed by a man. His attentions therefore gradually settled on those humans whose bodies were least offensive--children. He further limited his interests to little girls. p. 181 Why do I have to die? The little girls. The little girls are the only things I"ll miss. Do you know that when I touched their sturdy little tits and bit them--just a little--I felt I was being freindly?...Tow of them, Doreen and Sugar Babe, they'd come together. I gave them mints, money and they'd eat ice cream with their legs wide open while I played with them. It was like a party. And there wasn't nastiness, and there wasn't any filth, and there wasn't any odor, and there wasn't any groaning--jus thte light white laughter of little girls and me. With little girls it is all clean and good and friendly."


The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

  • This book is about a quiet, passive young girl who grows up poor and whose parents are constantly fighting, both verbally and physically. She is continually reminded of what an "ugly" girl she is by members of her neighborhood and school community. In an attempt to beautify herself, she wishes for blue eyes.

  • This book contains profanity and derogatory terms; sexual activities including sexual assault and molestation; alcohol use; inflammatory racial and religious commentary and references.

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