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Rating System

Our rating system was inspired by  the widely accepted MPA rating system.  The system is easiest to understand by reading the rated book reports themselves (below).  Please look through and compare it with our content-based rating chart to see if we are consistent in our application of the 0-5 level definitions.

The rater, from, explains the process:


"I created a rating system based on objectionable content whose definitions were derived from legal statutes and widely-accepted community standards. I have attached the rating system in the attachments.


A base rating is determined via the type and severity of the objectionable content found in the rating system. The final rating is based on the work as a whole, therefore, on occasion, there may be a rating lower than expected as mitigating factors may be present, negating the higher rating. For example, “To Kill a Mockingbird.”  While the book may seemingly be rated a 3/5 via the rating system due to the severity of the racism present, the overall theme of the book, being a positive anti-racist narrative and its significant historical value, the score was lowered to a 2/5.


I assign the final ratings for the books I read and those whose information is provided to me. This keeps the standards and level of objectivity, constant.


I hope that is helpful. If you have any further questions you can visit my website on which I provide greater details on the process.  Please let me know if you have further questions."

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All of the following content falls under the Fair Use Law and is for the sole purpose of alerting parents of the dangers available to children in public and government school libraries.

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