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p. 68 "This [oral sex] is what daddies and their little girls do."
p. 69 "..who could make me come a hundred times faster. The way her tongue played with my nipple, sucking me into her mouth."
p. 89 "I was four when my cousin, Kevin, said, "You want to see my penis?" and I said, "Yeah," and he let me touch it. It felt squishy at first, then hard in my hand. I wanted one."
p. 91 "I could feel the security of it [soft packer rubber penis] between my legs at all times."

Dreaming in Cuban by Christina Garcia

  • Dreaming in Cuban tells the story of Celia del Pino and her family as they cope with the Cuban Revolution and endure the exile and emotional fallout that ensues.

  • This book contains profanity; sexual activities; sexual nudity; and alternate gender ideologies.

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