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Welcome to Rated Books

The Pavement Education Project has partnered with Rated Books to inform parents and communities about the content in books found in public school libraries in many states, including North Carolina. You can read more about how the rating system was developed as well as read a report on each book that details how it received that rating.To see if a specific book is in your child’s school, look under the LOCATION tab.

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We have been steadily working on reading, reviewing, and rating books.  We generally add 3-5 new titles per week.  Not all of the books are objectionable.   Some have 0/5 ratings, and some like To Kill a Mockingbird and Turning 15 on the Road to Freedom, deal masterfully with important, yet difficult topics such that parents may want to gauge the age of exposure for their child.  The inclusion of books in this list is because the book was reviewed and we have information to share with parents. 

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