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  • Amy Coney Barrett is one of the busiest women in America. Along with being a United States Supreme Court justice, she is also the mother of seven children, two of whom she adopted from Haiti. And she insists on baking all their birthday cakes herself. Not just because she has a flair for fancy cakes, but because she thinks a birthday cake should have the taste of a mother's love. When Justice Barrett sits in court, however, she puts her private feelings aside. That way, she can better serve the cause of justice, "do equal right to the poor and to the rich," and protect America's constitution. Amy knows how to listen to her head and to her heart - and most importantly, when to listen to which.

Amy Coney Barrett - A Justice and Mother by Joyce Claiborne-West

  • Even before she knew she wanted to become a judge, Amy Coney Barrett knew she wanted to be a mother. Growing up the eldest of seven siblings, it was equally important for Amy to give her own children a good family life, like she herself had known, as it was to achieve her professional aspirations.

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