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  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Delacorte Press; Reprint edition (November 9, 2010)
  • Book Rating Review:
  • p. 100 For a month I'd fantasized about Sage. Her cute, face, her muscular, athletic body. Now my mental igame of her naked body filled me with horror. Big hairy balls. An eight-inch cock. Flat, hairy chest and hairy back. And I had kissed her. No, not her, HIM.
  • p. 209 My hands raised and gently touched her hips. She was right, her skin was soft. Her body quaked. Our eyes locked. Sage was smiling a terrified smile. There I stood, holding a topless woman. I could feel her stomach expand with each breath. She took my right hand in both of hers. Her fingers wrapped around my wrist. Gently she guided me upward. Sage wanted to be touched. She wanted me to touch her. Hip, belly, ribs...
  • p. 251 When I tired to kiss her, she fell backward onto the bed, her body on display. She was mine, if I wanted her. I touched her skin. "Please be gentle. It's my first time." I kissed her, but not on the mouth. "Mine too."
  • p. 273 I felt confused, wondering how I could experience such strong emotions for someone with testicles. What if she thought I was dating her because of her penis?
  • p. 290. I kept begging him to stop, but he just smiled and said he was going to fuck me up the ass.

Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher

  • A teenage boy falls in love with a transgender male.

  • The book contains sexual nudity; sexual activities; alternate genders ideologies; and profanity/derogatory terms.

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