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Beyond Defeat The "Johnny" Johnson Story. The provocative autobiography of an American patriot who used the weapon of love to conquer hate and live...Beyond Defeat.

Beyond Defeat: The "Johnny" Johnson Story by James E Johnson

  • The inspirational story of "Johnny" Johnson: an American patriot

    Though he wore the uniform and defended his country abroad, at home Johnny faced the humiliation of segregation and bore the pain of Jim Crowism. Yet, while others cursed, Johnny prayed. And when others used the weapon of hate to keep him down, Johnny used the weapon of God’s Word and love to lift others up--even those who persecuted him.

    James E. "Johnny" Johnson has led a remarkable life. His story of amazing deliverances from near-fatal accidents, miraculous healings, unwavering courage in the face of demoralizing racism, implausible witnessing encounters at the highest levels of government, incredible civil accomplishments, and trusted friendships with two of our nation’s most storied presidents, will hold you spellbound.

  • No Concerns.

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