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  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Abrams ComicArts; Illustrated edition (March 1, 2012)
  • Book Rating Review
  • What do true crime series like Dahmer owe the victims?True crime has made huge strides in centering the victim. But we keep getting series like the Netflix docudrama:


About the serial killer who ate parts of his dead victims and had sex with them. The book describes Dahmer’s descent into serial killing.

  • "In Dahmer's fantasies, his lovers.... were dead. Dead men. Corpses." Part (Chp) 1, Pg 54
  • "Dahmer was obsessed with the jogger who ran past his house every day. For months, Dahmer watched from the woods or from the house as the jogger ran past. Dahmer fantasized about lying down next to his unconscious body, about fondling him and having 'total control' over him." Part (Ch) 1, Pg 58
  • "Your average horny teenage boy, bubbling to the brim with sexual frustration." Part (Ch) 1, Pg 51
  • "Dahmer touched and fondled the corpse and repeatedly masturbated while standing over it, at last fulfilling his monstrous fantasy (FBI)." Notes about page 178 listed on Pg 214.


My Friend Dahmer by Derf Backderf (Graphic Novel)

  • Jeffrey Dahmer's schoolmates provide testimony of Dahmer's life in high school.

  • This book contains alcohol abuse by minors; alternate sexualities; references to necrophilia; and mild violence.

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