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  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Little, Brown Books for Young Readers; Reprint edition (April 16, 2019)
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  • pg 292: The video opened to the setup of a porno… technically it was a desktop webcam view of Esther's bedroom. Zeke was wearing nothing but gym shorts - spread-eagled, back exposed, wrists tied to the sturdy curtain rod of the bedroom window. Esther, meanwhile, was holding an honest-to-god tasseled whip. “Why are you being punished?” said Esther. “I…I keep having impure thoughts,” said Zeke. Esther whipped Zeke’s back. He yelped - although there seemed to be a fine line between pain and excitement. Esther lifted the tasseled whip to her nose and smelled it like a bouquet. “Mmm, Just impure thoughts?”“No,” said Zeke. “I masturbated to your family vacation pictures.“How many times did you masturbate to those pictures?” Nineteen times.” Esther shook her head, tsk-tsking. She whipped him again. “Ohhhhh,” said Zeke. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh.” There wasn’t an inch of his body that wasn’t totally enjoying this. “Tell me what you want,” said Esther.
  • Pg 293:  “I want your body,” said Zeke. Esther whipped him again. Zeke howled “Well, you can’t have it,” she said. Again with the whip. “AHHHHHHHHHH,”... So, just to recap, HAL gave us a Puritan-style dominatrix-BDSM pseudo-porno


  • There are other references to masturbation/ejaculating, the “hand is so convenient”, banging My Little Pony, transcendence - to become God, drug and alcohol use, states most people don’t try to be racist, it’s programmed into our culture, LGBTQ+ is also sprinkled throughout.
  • Not only am I concerned, as I rightly should be about this one scene, but it is also littered with profanity, blasphemies, brutality, sexual content, and more. On page 1 there are 3 bullsh**s, and 1 h*ll, by page 7 it has the first fu**ed, and throughout this book, which I had to stop marking because of the overwhelming amount of profanity, there are 100’s if not close to 1000 or more. The first blasphemy is on page 29 where it says Je**s Chr**t, those also are littered throughout the book.


  • There is a group called the JT’s (Jesus Teens) who portray Christianity negatively. There are numerous fights, alcohol and drug use, abuse by a father, and sexual content. On page 26 it briefly talks about cave-man sex and dinosaur sex, 29 “fat a** prolly has gonorrhea or Ebola or some sh**, 78 masturbation ointment, 151 animal instincts and hormones, 199 I love sex, sex 13 times with 13 different girls, only remember 4 of their names, I love masturbating, the hand is so convenient, 218-19 man-cherry, other part so hard, 244 dick, rock hard, ejaculating, 253 like your getting a BJ, 351 banging My Little Pony.

Neanderthal Opens the Door to the Universe by Preston Norton

  • Two teenage boys become unlikely friends who take action to change their school's culture and discover more about themselves as they do so.

  • This book contains excessive/frequent profanity; derogatory terms; sexual activities; sexual nudity; controversial religious commentary; alternate sexualities; drug use and abuse; alcohol use; violence; suicide; and hate

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