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  • Publisher : ‎ Little, Brown Books for Young Readers; Reprint edition (April 1, 2009)
  • Book Rating Review:
  • pp. 24-25 "Most guys, no matter what age, get excited about curves and circles, but not me. Don’t get me wrong. I like girls and their curves. And I really like women and their curvier curves. I spend hours in the bathroom with a magazine that has one thousand pictures of naked movie stars: Yep, that’s right, I admit that I masturbate. I’m proud of it. I’m good at it. I’m ambidextrous. If there were a Professional Masturbators League, I’d get drafted number one and make millions of dollars. And maybe you’re thinking, “Well you really shouldn’t be talking about masturbation in public.” Well, tough, I’m going to talk about it because EVERYBODY does it. And EVERYBODY likes it. And if God hadn’t wanted us to masturbate, then God wouldn’t have given us thumbs. So I thank God for my thumbs. But, the thing is, no matter how much time my thumbs and I spend with the curve of imaginary women, I am much more in love with the right angles of buildings."


  • 1) The masturbation portion found on pages 24-25 is against the law: • In Utah’s Title 76, “The Sexual Exploitation Act,” under 76-10-1201 Definitions, it states “Sexual Conduct” means acts of masturbation…” and “sexual excitement means…the sensual experiences of humans engaging in or witnessing sexual conduct.” It is important to note that under these definitions, the dissemination of this book violates 76-10-1234, 76-10-1235, 76-10-1236.
  • • According to The Utah Education Rule 277-217-2 An Educator may not: “(16) knowingly possess, while at school or any school-related activity, any pornographic or indecent material in any form; (17) use school equipment to intentionally view, create, distribute, or store pornographic or indecent material in any form; (18) knowingly use, view, create, distribute, or store pornographic or indecent material involving children; (19) expose students to material the educator knows or should have known to be inappropriate given the age and maturity of the students.” The distribution of these materials defies that rule.
  • • In accordance with Title 53G, parental consent is required for all instruction regarding sexual instruction and the following is prohibited: “the intricacies of intercourse, sexual stimulation, or erotic behavior.” The material in question breaks this law as well.


  • 2) From the use of the term “retard” on page 4, to “faggot” on page 197, this book is filled with derogatory terms that go against community standards. How this appeals to the literary value of the book is beyond confusing and as a parent I feel that teaching and/or reinforcing these terms through this type of “recreational reading” is harmful to children.


  • The Daily News reported parents objected to passages about masturbation as inappropriate for 11-year-olds. The reference to masturbation was not the only subject that drew the ire of parents, 1010 WINS reporter Eileen Lehpamer reported. “There are racial slurs against African-Americans in the book, profanity, references to female genitalia,” a parent named Kelly said. One review: I read this book because it was on my son's school required reading list. I felt it was incredibly juvenile for a 10th grade honors English class. The swearing was bothersome but not a deal-killer. Then I got to the masturbation discussion that went on for over a page. Flipping through it I found a variety of sexually related musings. This is like handing my son an R rated movie with sexual detail and saying it's okay because the historical aspect is good. Students could learn the cultural and social aspects without reading the vulgarity.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie

  • Tells the story of Junior, a cartoonist growing up on the Spokane Indian Reservation. 

  • This book contains inexplicit sexual nudity; inflammatory racial commentary; references to racism; and profanity.

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