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They took on a world divided in all the wrong ways.

The Bathwater Brigade is a non-woke YA novel, "a breath of fresh air!" and “...the perfect antidote to today's divisiveness, partisanship, and post-modern broken logic.”

Jace Kartchner arrives at college, and has no idea what he's in for.

The Tragedy - An officer shoots unarmed black man a year before. The trial is about to begin, and a violent group called Zero Supremacy is marching against her.

The Brigade - A long-standing student club where they explore all viewpoints possible. Their premise: when society leaves a perspective out of the conversation, we end up throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

The Best Friend - Has a strong family heritage in law enforcement. Recruits Jace for secret operations against Zero Supremacy.

The Girl - Has an eye-opening exchange with a professor, and Jace asks where she learned to do it. Jace gains her trust, and she introduces him to the Brigade. Challenges him to find nuance and common ground.

The Enemy - He's all-in with Zero Supremacy and intent on harassing the Bathwater Brigade at every turn. Dismayed as he is forced to perform community service alongside Jace, after one of the operations goes wrong.

Jace can't believe he is actually becoming friends with one of the enemy. His best friend is ready to disown him because of it.

Meanwhile, with the Bathwater Brigade already on the run from Zero Supremacy, Jace discovers he has accidentally given campus administration the excuse it has been waiting for to shut them down for good.

"A brilliant idea!" Become resilient among today's conflicting ideologies through this powerful story.

The Bathwater Brigade by Jefferson Shupe

  • A Texas college town erupts with racial accusations following the police shooting of an unarmed black man. Wanting the officer to get a fair trial, Jace Kartchner and a handful of friends secretly work to thwart the violent group, Zero Supremacy, from controlling public opinion. Deep in his fight against the Zeroes, Jace also discovers the Bathwater Brigade, a student club aimed at teaching new ways to effectively interact with anyone about big ideas. A campus tradition for generations, the Brigade is now hanging on by a thread as college administration looks for any excuse to shut it down for good. Jace is challenged as never before as he questions his beliefs and behavior, struggles to keep his old and new friends, and finds that he has accidentally given college administration the excuse it has been waiting for.

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